Ricardo’s first set


Seems like things are never easy with Ricardo! After waiting for literally ages to get him to be a part of the blog, he finally got in and guess what? … he had no camera to do pictures.

It turns out he lost his digital camera and his mobile was not working, so after some of the members of our blog saw him they were desperate to see more of him, but we had to say to them to wait for him to get a decent camera.

Some of you could not wait at all, and one of our members was so excited to see him actually, that he asked if Ricardo could just take the pictures with his webcam, and so he did.

It’s kind of hard to do a complete set when you can’t move the camera as you wish, but surprisingly enough, Ricardo managed to get some very nice pics. The pixels are not the best so that could be a little bit annoying, but at the end he delivered a great cumshot. The close ups on this set are awesome too; you get to see how thick Ricardo’s dick is so you will love this set after all.

With the money he did for this set he fixed his mobile and he has been doing sets with it and the pictures look amazing, so stay tuned for that.

Ricardo had to take some time off to finish his last high school projects, and it paid off, he has finally graduated and will begin university next semester. You will love to hear where he is moving to study abroad!

Biting nails in 3… 2… 1…

Marco and Dan – 2

Before we moved to this new city, we had the chance to do shows and photo sets with different guys who also did nude stuff themselves.

One of the regulars was Dan, a very polite guy who was very much into soccer and at the time had a gf who had no idea he was doing this to get some extra money.

He contacted me last week and we had a long a nice chat to keep up since we have not spoke in a while. Turns out the gf is no longer a gf… hold on folks do not get excited, is not like he dumped her, more like he engaged her, she is now his fiancée… bummer.

Dan still remembers the old days of the blog and how much fun he had with that. So I thought it would be a good idea to post something of the sets we did with him.

Now that he is getting married maybe he could be in need of money again… I’ll keep you guys posted on that. In the meantime enjoy these pics I did with Dan some time ago.

Alvaro Rivas’ Bet

A bet is a bet.  This World Cup has been full of surprises, good and bad, and we’ve been enjoying it a lot since we’ve been betting with some of the guys on the blog to add a little tension and excitement to it.

Take Alvaro’s bet for example, our friend from Spain. When Spain played against the Netherlands I was sending msgs to Alvaro on whatsapp since the game started, wanted to make him a little nervous LOL. By the end of the first half Spain and Netherlands were tied 1-1 so I was busting Alvaro’s balls and just messing with his head.

Then came the second half and OMG!! Nobody expected that final score, Netherlands defeated Spain by 5-1! I mean, Spain was the champion from last World Cup and one of the favorites to win again this year.

Alvaro was just as shock as I was, and I have to say I felt a little sorry about him, because I was mocking him during the game. I was still pretty confident they could change course and get back with their game and be able to make it through the next stage. But Alvaro was totally negative and said, there was no way Spain could make it to the 4th match. So I asked him… want to bet?

And so it began… LOL. I told Alvaro: let’s do this, if Spain makes it through the 4th match (as I thought they would), you’ll have to do a set free of charge for the blog, wearing a Spain football shirt. And he asked: and what if they do not make it and I win. So I told him: in that case, you’ll still do the set, but I’ll pay it as a regular set, the money will be on me.

He agreed, I mean he loves working for the blog and tease around naked while doing pictures, he is a true exhibitionist.  And the bet was a win-win for you guys no matter the outcome, you’ll still get so see Alvaro naked and cuming.

I have to say Spain lost the second match as well and that automatically put them out of the World Cup, so I lost. But… a bet is a bet, I paid for the set and Alvaro delivered a great set wearing a Spain football sleeveless shirt.  Thos abs of him have not changed, I think the ass is tighter and he still cum loads over his abs.

Get to see this set in the uncensored blog and enjoy… no worries, there are still some more matches to come in the World Cup… and oh yes, we’ve bet on all of them with guys from the blog… so stay tuned. 

New guy: Lucas

Argentina is not only famous for its tango, prime beef and excellent football players, but also for its good looking guys.

Take Lucas for example, he has been building a name for himself in a webcam site, appearing with some of his friends in duo jerk off shows. This 22 year old guy loves to show off and no wonder why.

He is 22 years old, and let me tell you, when I got his pics I have to be honest, that has got to be one of the biggest asses I’ve ever seen, I think playing soccer does help to form a round ass. But that’s not all, when I got to see his dick I was shocked by how thick he is, 16.5cm of pure uncut Argentinean prime beef for you to enjoy. On top of that he is a very good looking guy with a nice boy face to go by, blonde hair and smooth body… what else can you ask?

Lucas is a musician as well, he plays the guitar and does a little rock and roll, is always nice to have multitalented guys on the blog. He is 1.66m tall and weights around 68kg. He is straight and currently single so ladies, the line starts in the south hemisphere.

Is glad to have a guy from Argentina, our first actually, and he says he can talk with some of his friends about joining the blog too, I’ve seen 2 of them and trust me… you will drool about his friends as well.

In the meantime drool about Lucas and see his first ever naked pictures in the uncensored blog, I expect we will see a lot more of him in the blog.

New guy : Jorge

Get ready for the ultimate jock! It took me sometime to figure Jorge out, but I think I have it now.

We got in touch with him just yesterday, a very polite guy wondering about how the blog worked and all, nothing unusual about him. The first time we talked he seemed to be in a hurry and asked if we could talk later. Normally when a guy takes some time to talk back, it leads to nowhere and becomes “just another dude who was interested to join but never happened”. So I gave Jorge the benefit of the doubt and waited for him to get back to us.

That same day just a few hours later he talked back to us on skype and said: could you continue explaining me about the blog? Great I thought to myself, guess he really is interested then.  So I kept telling him about it and I usually encourage guys to ask any questions they have so they can really make up their mind and decide if they want to join or not, and boy did Jorge had questions. We kept talking for a couple of hours and as the conversation moved along he seemed to be more interested.

Is always good to see guys really into the idea of becoming part of the blog, and Jorge seemed to love it. He is a truly exhibitionist, the idea of being watched excites him and that’s always a good sign. It was now time for the final step and see what Jorge looked like, but that did not happened immediately. We had to wait for him to send us his pictures for what like seem forever…  14 hours to be exactly, and I’m not famous for my patience LOL

So in came the pictures, first the face, Oh my! He has that preppy look you folks love, very good looking guy, dirty blonde hair and droopy puppy eyes, perfect. Total student look. Then came his torso pictures… oh wow I wasn’t expecting all that fur, hair all over his chest and abs, I know some of you will be drooling over him. So a student kind of look yes, but with some hair, this is getting trickier. Finally, time to see the family jewels… OMG Jorge should’ve warned me in advanced, that thing almost pokes my eye out. He is packing a solid 18cm uncut dick with pubes…. I know I know, finally a guy with some decent pubes wich goes along great with the rest of his body hair, just perfect. Did I mention this guy is single and straight? So ladies… get in line. He is our first guy from Puebla, yei!!! Collecting more states as time passes by.

Jorge is 19 years old, still a university student so he is doing this to help himself with some extra cash for school, and for the thrill of being watched. He does boxing, helps him stay fit, but what really gets his heart pumping is soccer. Loves the sport and that comes at a right time with the World Cup now taking place and all. And then it hit me, he is 100% pure jock material, it took me sometime to figure him out, but there… at the end I got it, a total Jock, and you will love him.

I’m sure he has some decent soccer jerseys around… any ideas popping into your heads?

In the meantime, get to see his pictures in the uncensored blog, this guy is a keeper folks.

New guy: Josh

Gotta love our fans! Back in the day we had to cruise the webcaming sites and beg guys we found interesting for them to join our ranks and appear on the blog. But not anymore, lately there seems to be an army of horny eyes out there, scouting the sites and whenever they lay their eyes on a hot guy, just like a wolf does to a deer, they hit them and send them our way.

Such is the case with Josh, a bi guy who happened to be broadcasting one day without knowing he was being watch by one of our fans. She found him so interesting and hot that she wasted no time and talked to him about our blog. Lucky for us Josh was curious enough to add us on skype and asked what the blog was about.

This 19 year old student does the webcaming site to earn some extra cash and help him with his tuition. He also works as a part time waiter at a local restaurant, and he shared us some really hot stories involving clients making him some indecent proposals on him.

He loves to travel and has some very hot adventures while doing it. The first time he had sex was during a trip he took on a summer camp. He was 17 and had sex on the beach with the guy he shared the tent, this happened in the United States, now that’s a really nice way to lose your virginity.

Josh is 1.66m tall and weights around 53kg. Why is it always that the petite guys happen to have huge dicks, I mean Josh is packing a solid 18cm uncut tool, that shit looks so dangerous when he is playing with it in his hands.

Did we mention he is bi? Yes our second Bi guy on the blog, nice to see we are expanding our frontiers.  Josh has had girlfriends in the past but currently he is single so girls… oh and guys too… get in line!

Help us welcome Josh to our blog and enjoy his naked pictures in the uncensored blog. Here’s another dude from Sonora so try not to drool too much over him.

Chris gets his ass waxed

This has got to be one of the funniest sets we’ve ever done. How exactly do I get involved in stuff like this?

There I was one day, just minding my business watching a blu ray in my bedroom when Chris got in and asked, hey man are you busy? As if watching a blu ray wasn´t busy enough, so I asked what he needed and he said: I want to try these new wax sheets I bought to help me get rid of the hair in my back, and I can’t reach back there.

I jumped out of the bed as fast as I could and I was like… go and get them NOW!!! This is going to be so much fun I thought, love watching Chris suffer and in pain LOL. It turned out he was heading  next weekend to a wedding on the beach, and was going to see his girlfriend as well so he wanted to be all clean and ready for her… lucky me.

So he came back with the box of wax sheets and we started reading the instructions I did not put much attention honestly I just wanted to have him lay down and start applying those on him. And so we started first the shoulders, you need to press one of the wax sheets against the skin and pull it off as fast as you can in the direction contrary to how the hair grows… and so I did as fast as I can… tsssst! As soon as I pulled off I looked to his face and Chris was totally cool and said: oh it isn’t that bad.

WTF!! I wanted some screams and tears, and I got nothing, I thought things would get better as I worked my way down his back but nothing… this was not as fun as I pictured in my head. I was so disappointed and about to finish when he said to me: Hey Marco… do you think they would work on my ass?… I shave part of it but I’m always afraid to pass the razor inside the ass cheeks… O M G… love second chances!

Without actually knowing I said to him in the best confident voice I could come up with and said: Sure man, this things work in every part of your body you want to try them… LOL; one day I will go to hell I know that, but I have to say I have enjoyed the ride so much… it will be totally worth it.

So he opened his ass cheeks and I carefully placed one of the wax sheets in just one side of his ass… pressed against the skin, made sure not to touch his asshole at all… and… tssst!  Chris arched his back and shouted: fuuuuuuuck!!!! LOL there you go… now that’s what I’m talking about.  As soon as I saw his reaction I told him wait… I have to get the camera for this; it is going to be Epic!

Wax sheet after wax sheet, I managed to get a few pictures of the whole process while he begged for some time to rest and gut up LOL. At the end he had this big red monkey looking ass… but totally smooth. I wonder if his girlfriend gets down there at all or why else would he asked his ass waxed… further investigation is required on this matter, I’ll keep you folks posted.

In the meantime, get to see some glimpse of this funny moment, and no worries I made sure I left some wax sheets… in case we could use them again… hehe…  yeah I know HELL… but totally worth it!

Erick is Back

Can’t believe it’s been more than a year since the last time we added a solo set from Erick, man time flies.

Even though his last appearance with us was the time he did his duo set with no less than his best friend Fabrizio (Epic Set by the way), we did not heard from him in a while, this usually happens when school starts getting tougher, homework piles up and grades drop. Oh the ups and downs of being a student.

Erick is just about to star University, good for him! Last time we talked he did a pretty quick photo set that we manage to pull out of our sleeve just so he could have enough money to pay for his acceptance exam at school; we are still waiting for the results by the way so everybody keep your fingers crossed!!

In the meantime Erick is more than ready to get back in business, and not just him, his friend Fabrizio is back on track as well and they are getting ready to broadcast together on some webcaming sites, so we’ll keep you posted when they are online on our twitter account, make sure to follow us there so we can let you know when you can have the chance to see this two straight best friends jerking together side by side… wait… I just had a Déjà vu!

Did we mention Erick is looking hot lately, did he did something with his hair? Are his abs getting tighter and how the hell do they just manage to stay that fit… he makes me feel so old I swear.

Everybody help me to give Erick a warm welcome back. See his hot pics in the uncensored blog.

New guy: Sébastien

What are they feeding them in Colombia? And is it a pre requisite for all Colombian hot college guys to do webcam broadcasting as part of their school programs?

Just get into any webcam site and you see what you mean, seems like between Romania and Colombia are fighting fiercely the number one post to see who has the most guys from their countries broadcasting.

Not that we are complaining how else would we get in touch with Sébastien if it wasn’t for that. He was spotted by a long time fan of us we have from a webcaming site… go figure. Our fan is very much into big muscled guys, so no wonder why Sébestien caught his eye.

He recommended our Colombian friend to get in touch with us to talk about the blog so he could help himself get some extra money, and Sébastien did just that.

I love how Colombians talk, they are always so polite and educated, I think is part of their charm and why their rooms are always flooded by tokens whenever they are broadcasting by their adoring fans. And they are hot, I mean… just look at Sébastien.

When he sent us his pictures we were like!!! OMG! He is huge, I mean massive in all the right places, huge biceps, butt, chest and he must have one of the thickest dicks we have ever seen. He is currently a College Business Student so most of the money he makes while doing this goes directly to pay for his tuition. He is 1.81m tall, weights some amazing 95kg of pure muscle, with a very thick 17cm uncut dick hanging between his legs.

This 23 year old Colombian Student, goes to the gym everyday and works out every part of his body, from chest to butt, he does not misses any muscle. He has a girlfriend… I know bummer, but hear this she knows Sébastien is into the whole broadcasting and doing naked pictures business and she is totally cool with it, how awesome is that. She totally respects and supports him.

Get to see Sébastien first appearance with us in the uncensored blog and drool over this huge and very cool man. You will LOVE him!

The amazing Eduardo

I have no idea why it took us this long to do a set like this. For those of you who know Eduardo, you know he is a total comic geek. I mean when you see him broadcasting you could see toys posters and all types comic related decoration around his room.

He is the type of guy who waits until 12am to be the first in line to see a movie premier, and then we have to block him on our skype until we get to see the movie because he is so into them that he starts telling us what was wrong with the story, what they changed and so on, major spoilers from him!

Man we have had some heavy and deep conversations about our favorite movies. During one of his live broadcastings a member of the blog asked him if he had any comic customs he could dress as like and he mentioned a few famous characters. Lucky for all of us!

So after his show was done, some wanted to see Eduardo dressed up as Spiderman being all naughty and stuff for all eternity, so what better way to do it than with a hot set of pictures for all of you to enjoy.

And here he is, ever wonder what a superhero looked like jerking off? Wonder no more, Eduardo did a great job dressed up as a comic super hero I mean he has the great face, awesome body, amazing dick and bubble butt to go along with.

The facial expressions while he is jerking in this session are priceless. Get your lube ready while you watch this set, you are going to need it.

This is not the only custom Eduardo has so in case you are interested… just ask!

In the meantime get to see him in the uncensored blog and expect more of him soon.