Roy First Set

For more than 2 years, we’ve been faithful to our motto “Don’t tell our Girlfriends”.  It is in such words that we build our blog, and the reason why most of the guys decide to join our ranks and flash their flesh for our members to enjoy, as they do it with the promise that their girlfriends will never find out… well at least most of them.

In our defense, may we add that no girlfriend has ever found about the blog yet, but we can’t help it if some happen to stumble with their guys’ photos… on their computers!!!

Such is the story of Roy our 19 year old guy from Mexico City. After we introduced him back in November he got a very decent response from our members as he got asked to do several photo sets. In no time Roy was paying bills and all was great for him in his life.

In case you don’t remember, Roy lives with his girlfriend, such an amazing thing if you consider their age, and although they have a very open relationship, telling her about the blog was not part of the plan.

Until one day… when Roy came home to face the fury of his girlfriend as she found a very sexy file on their computer with lots of naked pictures of him… oh my! The girlfriend demanded an explanation for such pics, and luckily Roy immediately told her that he was taking those for her to surprise her and spice up things a little bit. How do you know… she believed the excuse and no harm was done, at least not that day!

Roy was safe but still a little bit nervous about continuing doing this, so we decided to let things cool off until he was able to be back in business with no girlfriend threat whatsoever.

This happened a few weeks ago and it seems as the blockade has been lift up… so maybe we can see more of Roy in no time… I’m guessing he needs to pay bills again LOL.

So anyways, girlfriend finding out or not… enjoy Roy’s first set of pictures in the uncensored blog.

In bed with Alvaro Rivas

Alvaro was an instant favorite ever since we introduced him back in September last year. And what’s not to like about him, great smile, gorgeous face, amazing body, huge balls, thick cock and round bubble butt.

And to top all that he has a great attitude while working and performing. Members of the blog just loved him because he is such a cool and polite guy.

He did so many photo sets in the first few months. While I was looking on his file to choose a set for today’s post I was like: wow… I have these many photo sets from him?

I decided to start easy with you, Alvaro first set in the blog after we introduced him was the gym set, something you all went crazy about. Now I wanted something more cozy and personal and decided to show you a set he did on his bedroom.

He just knows how to work the camera and showed you every piece of his body. About the cumshot pics… well, I have to say very few times you get to catch the flying cum in a picture but… Alvaro did just that.

There’s plenty more to choose from Alvaro’s photo sets, so expect to see more of him soon.

In the meantime, get to be the one of the few lucky ones to share Alvaro in his bed.

See this complete set in the uncensored blog.

New guy: Lobo

Just when we thought we could not find any other guy from Baja to show on the blog, in comes Lobo with his amazing 19cm dick.

He added us on skype and like many others was wondering how the blog work and if there was any chance for him to get in. Lobo, as many others has been trying the webcam sites just recently and had a great time on them, always liking to meet new people and folks to chat with.

So we told Lobo everything about the blog and asked a few questions ourselves about him and why he wanted to do this. He says he wants to try this mostly out of curiosity, to experience the thrill of being watched, doing porn and getting paid. That’s enough reason for us!

As we do with all new wannabes we first ask them for a couple of pictures to get to know them before going on webcam to see if the guy in the pictures is in fact him. First we got a face picture… WOW, this kid looks like a boy next door with curly hair and dreamy eyes. Then came the body, very much twink alike, but finally it was time for the dick and OMG! That is a very dangerous weapon he has between his legs, 19cm of pure uncut dick for your enjoyment.

It was now time to see him on webcam, just to probe it was actually him and recent pictures he was sending us. Face… match, body… match too, dick… wow even when soft that thing looks like it could cause some serious damage, so yes he has proven himself to us! LOL.

Lobo turned out to be not only a hot guy but also a very nice dude to chat with, we talked a lot about music, he plays guitar by the way, about the thrills of moving along from one city to another with your own family, he is from Baja but lives in a different place, among other things just getting to know each other.

We are so very pleased to have met him, and as a New Year’s treat, we show you Lobo’s first ever naked pictures. He stands 1.85m tall and weights around 75kg. Music is his passion, not only does he plays guitar he also just recently started writing rap lyrics with one of his friends (we are on the quest to get a few of those as well, hold on people). He is still a high school student, and this 18 year old guy is single so ladies… the line starts in Baja and we are sure it will get all the way to Quintana Roo.

This one is a keeper folks! Enjoy him at the uncensored blog. And Happy New Year!

Pablo… the lost files

Sometimes we hide the pictures so well we forget where we save them.  We keep all our blog files and pictures in a very well hidden external drive disk to keep it safe from visitors, family and girlfriends.

Not only do we keep the disk safe, the files in it are all hidden between other files and pictures from holydays and all just in case somebody finds it, they will still have a hard time getting to the dirty pictures and videos.

It so happens at the end of each year, that we take the time to clean that disk from files and pictures we no longer need. Sets that were never used, guys who wanted to get in but did not filled our requirements, incomplete sets that no one watched in the end and occasionally full sets we totally forgot we had.

Such is the case of Pablo or friend from Guanajuato. We stumble upon one of his sets which we realize we never showed on the blog. We have kept in touch with Pablo and right now he looks like he has been hitting the gym because he looks more toned than in this pictures, we honestly do not remember when he send these.

But luckily for you, here it is this lost set, saved from the dungeons of our kinky hard disk.

Hope you enjoy this last year treat.

Get to see Pablo’s first set in the uncensored blog.

New guy: Dante

Sometimes it is just the right time to do something daring. That’s exactly the case in Dante’s situation.

This is a guy who has been thinking about joining our blog for quite some time, but school has kept him busy and he was not able to send his pictures so we could introduce him to the blog. So we waited… and waited… and waited for what it seemed like an eternity.

Then one day, all the stars aligned and he finally sent them. I’ve never seen a guy with such good luck. Even before he sent them, one of our members was so excited about him that he asked him a full photo set. I mean that’s a great way to start, not even in the blog and already making money… this guy is on full track.

Dante loves to read in fact because one of his favorite (and most famous) books is why he chose his name for the blog (if you have to ask which book we’ll immediately cancel your membership for the blog). But don’t get mistaken and brand him as a nerd, this voracious reader also happens to be a great boxer; I mean how cool is that?

Wondering what Dante has to offer, for starters this 21 year old str8 guy is 1.77m tall and weights around 69kg. In the dick department he is packing an amazing 17cm uncut dick with a huge set of balls, I mean huge!

He is a full time student and hopes to travel as much as possible since is one of the things he has not been able to do that often, so folks… any ideas?

At the moment he is single, I guess just waiting for the right gal to come by.

We have been stuck up with so much work that even before we were able to introduce him in the blog, he had already send his first full photo set, and all I have to say is: WOW.

These first pics are just a minor teaser; you are in for a lot of fun with Dante… trust me.

Enjoy his pictures in the uncensored blog and start booking him, we believe this guy is going to be quite busy with blog stuff.

New guy: Toti

Can’t deny where you come from, and Toti has Sonora written all over him.

Have we ever told you about the state of Sonora in Mexico? Good looking people. Not just that, gorgeous looking people. I mean the girls are so hot, basically every super model Mexico has ever made it internationally, comes from there.

And it happens they produce the best beef in the country. Walk into a restaurant and if you see in their menu they have meat from Sonora… you are in for a great meal.

That’s where our new guy comes from. We met Toti some time ago when he stumbled upon our blog and got curious about how it worked. Like many he could just not believe that people could pay you to see you get naked and jerk off… trust me Toti… they do.

It took him some time for him to get convinced and try this but we left his contact on our skype list renamed as: possible blog guy. It turns out that what actually made it happen was that he moved to a new city to finish his university degree thesis, and living abroad caused him some new expenses, and what better way to cope with those then flashing and stroking some raw 100% Sonora beef.

So he sent us his pictures: body… amazing, dick… are you fucking kidding me, ass… damn dat ass, but the face… that took forever. We even tried skype once and turn our cameras on but he was using his cell phone and all I can see was his face silhouette because it was too damn dark. I did not wanted to push it as I figured… maybe he is not that convinced after all. The next day he asked me: so when will I be on the blog? I could really use the money, and I told him: dude… we haven’t seen your face pic.

Oh right he said I forgot about that picture, so he scrambled on his pictures and sent us one… agreed, this guy is from Sonora. They have this cocky looking/talking/way of being attitude on them that is so god damn intriguing.

I think this is a record; we just got his whole pictures yesterday and are already blasting him in the blog. Toti is a 22 year old guy from Sonora, 1.72m tall, and weights around 65kg. Really fit, and this str8 guy is packing a 17cm uncut beef between his legs. He is a dance freak (that explains those huge thighs) and is on the final stages of getting his university degree so folks.. help him out. Educate a str8 guy… ask him for some porn! He is very open minded about this so… let your imagination fly. By the way he is single, so start forming a line.

Get to see his first naked pictures in the uncensored blog… Do enjoy your meal!

New guy: Dominic

We have another local guy for you folks, start your imagination rolling.

Dominic came to us like many others in the pursuit of making a little extra cash to support his school. Tired of just reaching his hand to his parents he decided to try something different, and what better way than trying porn.

Meeting a new guy is always exciting, but being a local it just adds to it because that means we could be able to do stuff with him together. This in some cases scares the subject so we always try to manage the “let’s to stuff together” with a lot of precaution.

Surprisingly, Dominic is a very open minded guy and when we asked him about the list of stuff we get asked to do he kept saying: yes I can do that, and… yeah sure no problems I’m up to that, or… oh yes I do that so no worries… I mean… have you done porn before or what?

He was very open to all things we mentioned and even had some crazy ideas himself for shows and stuff… can’t wait to make that happen.

No wonder why is that! This 20 year old guy is a very active and crazy about his hobbies. Loves to hunt, enjoys the outdoors, is good at judo and has dome some swimming, pretty much a sport billy. Now to the good part, he is 1.66m tall, weights around 65kg and has a 17cm uncut dick with the thickest head I’ve ever seen. No kidding I mean is massive, he says girls have problems when it comes to oral… no wonder, I bet he has injured a couple of jaws with that thing.

This is the first time Dominic has done some naked pictures, and I can already say he is quite good about it and enjoys it. So folks, get in line and wait to see more of him in the blog pretty soon.

In the meantime, enjoy his first naked pictures in the uncensored blog. Can’t wait to work with him… did I mention he is local and open minded? Start imagining things in 3… 2…. 1…

New guy: Roy

Now this is the kind of stories and guys we like to share… read this.

We met Roy when he added us on skype to chat about the blog, wondering how it worked because he has been trying to make some money on websites and was still trying to understand how this whole thing worked.

After explaining him the logistics of the blog, he was very excited about being part of it, and he immediately took a shower to send some decent pictures so we could introduce him to the blog. You know how the waiting is, wondering if the guy would be good looking, fit, nice face, or just some old dude on his 40’s trying to act young.

Luckily for us Roy is fit and hung, a 19 year old student from Mexico City, with a solid 17cm uncut dick hanging between his legs.  After he sent us the pictures he could not stay for long to talk because his girlfriend was about to get home and it so turns out, she lives with him… intriguing.

We waited until the next day to talk to him, tell him what we thought about the pics (ok not much to say he is great blog material) and we wanted to know a little bit more about him starting with, him living with the girlfriend.

It turns out they have been together for more than 2 years, one day she had some troubles at her place and luckily for her, Roy’s family and him invited her to stay with them. As a 19 year old that is some serious thing to do, Roy’s parents where more than welcome to help, they even allowed both Roy and his girlfriend to share the room together, but he was ripped out of all other amenities, car, money, traveling, etc. everything except money for school and that’s it.

So that’s why he started trying to make some money online to help him with normal 19 year old expenses, and share some with his girlfriend as well. This is a guy fully dedicated to his gf, he wakes up at 5 am every morning to walk her to school, then he comes back home, does some online nakedness to get some money, finishes by noon to go to school to study something related about computers, then comes back home to do homework and spend some time with the gf. Now that is commitment!

He loves going to the movies, is a major fan of PS3 and plays soccer so make sure to watch the legs and ass. Roy is 1.75m tall and weights around 61kg, all fit and hung. Get to see that heavy pair of smooth balls, and fall in love with his smooth ass.

Roy sent us some pretty hot pics for you to see, even some with the gf, this is the first time we ever show something like this in the blog… so do enjoy!

Check him out in the uncensored blog. This one is a keeper folks… start masturbating in 3… 2… 1.. 

Beyond Mexico

Ok yes it all started here in Mexico, but we’ve been lucky enough to get in touch and met some really nice guys around the world willing to do what we do here on the blog, for all of you to see.

Some of the guys we are including in this post have not been here in a while, but we are sure a lot of you will remember them.

Take a look in the uncensored blog and see what Australia and the Czech Republic have to offer.

This is a double post guys. Hope you enjoy it.

Halloween special show

It has been a while since we’ve done a theme show so Halloween was the perfect excuse to try something different and have some fun.

Unlike 2 years ago when we spent some time together with Mr. Pumpkin, this time we wanted to cause no harm to pumpkins and instead dress up and broadcast together with Alex.

Alex dressed up as a pirate, Chris as a wrestler and I as death. We turned in the camera and started playing our own version of Trick or Treat. Not only did we got naked, jerked and cum, but also ate a lot of candies… what more can you ask in a show! LOL

So make sure to see in the uncensored blog to see what happened during that show.

Happy Halloween!