Jamie is getting fit

In this month in which we are celebrating our 3rd year anniversary, it wouldn’t be complete without Jamie, our South African friend.

He was the first guy to join us who was not Mexican and has been with us during all this time, which is 3 years this month. This guy has had a major transformation over the years; he has grown in muscle a lot, so if you are into big muscled men, Jamie is just for you.

You have to compare the first set of pictures Jamie sent us back on his first post here on the blog to see what we are talking about. One thing it hasn’t changed is his baby face and his huge dick.

If only that dick looks thicker, and those balls fuller, but that is only for some time, as soon as he gets hard and starts jerking it’s only a matter of time before you see Jamie empty his balls and drops a huge cumshot over his big abs.

We are glad to have Jamie back and we are sure you will as well. Get to see this set of pics in the uncensored blog and expect to see more of him soon.

Riky’s new place


Can you believe it has been 3 years! I’m not getting any younger and Chris ass cheeks now fall to his knees… but we are still doing porn!

This month we celebrate our 3rd Anniversary for our blog “Don’t Tell my GF”, and we would like to delight you with double the posts we normally do for you in a month, featuring both guys who have been with us from the start as well as the new guys who are now joining our ranks. You first saw Isaac last week, he is part of the new generation of guys and everyone seems to love him. Now is time to show you some of the classics.

Riky was one of the guys who joined us since year one, what do I say year one, since month one. He was the first we ever post besides Chris and myself and has been with us ever since.

He now lives in a different city, is studying university, still single but manages to fuck an entire harem of girls on the side, and his dick is still as thick and as big as he way you saw it 3 years ago.

Loves to show for you folks, and is happy to be back in the blog to flash his dick and cum for you.

Hope we could see more or Riky in the future. In the meantime, get to see his latest set of pictures in the uncensored blog.

New guy: Isaac

“He’s an 11 out of 10”. That’s how Isaac was described even before appearing on the blog. During the first year of the blog, we were the ones looking for guys to appear with us in it… not anymore, thanks to our many fans today all we have to do is just get online on skype and wait for a new guy to add us wanting to be a part of Don’t Tell my GF.

Such is the story with Isaac, one day he added us on skype and said he was recommended to appear on the blog and wanted to know all about it. He had the habit of getting online and broadcast for the thrill of being watched by hot girls, so making a little money on the side out of it, wouldn’t hurt him.

Getting new guys is always exciting; you never know who you are talking to on the other side of the screen, but being recommended is almost a fair shot. Still, pictures are required in order to present the new guy on the blog, and so we asked Isaac if he could send us his pics.

First came a pic of his torso… damn this guy is fit! Nice abs and chest along, so far so good.  After that he sent us a picture of his face… OMG isn’t he cute! Great smile and light brown hair with eyes that could spark an entire room… by this time I’m getting nervous, I might soon get out of the job. Time for his butt picture… WTF! Is that bubble butt photoshoped? So not fair I’m done… oh but wait we still needed to see his dick, and that was the last he sent, best way to describe it “huge and thick” that is a serious piece of meat hanging between his legs and Isaac is just 19 years old, I feel so old with new guys like him.

On top of all that he happens to be a great guy to talk to, I was laughing the whole time we chat, and he was desperate to get started on the blog, so I took a few days to write his story but shared his photos with some fans of the blog and they were all getting crazy about him, everyone asking when will he be open for market, well folks… today is the day, let the Isaac’s Games… begin!

Isaac is 1.72m tall and weights around 60kg. Has a 17cm thick cut dick with nice trimmed pubes on it leading to a happy trail to his abs, you will love that. Born and raised in Mexico City, we seriously need to establish some headquarters in the capital a.s.a.p. Isaac is an University student so most of the money will go for his education, and I say most because it so happens he has a girlfriend… I can hear the hundreds of hearts breaking at the moment… sorry folks this guy is taken… for the moment. But his gf has no idea he will be doing this so you can get a share of Isaac here on the blog any day you want. Isaac is a sports fan he practiced kitesurf at some point and now keeps fit with soccer among other things.

I’m pretty sure we will see more of Isaac in the future, not even on the blog and he already has a couple of offers so, get in line and ask for your special Isaac order. In the meantime, get to enjoy his first naked pictures in the uncensored blog… this guy is a keeper fellas.

Toti’s Selfies

Doing amateur pictures for the blog can be quite a challenge at times. Most guys use whatever cams they can get their hands on to do their photos. Such is the case with Toti.

The first time he was asked to do a set, he used both his webcam and his mobile phone to do the pictures, and everyone could see the difference between one camera and the other. A client liked the pictures he did with his mobile so much, that he asked Toti if he could do an entire set just using his mobile phone, as if he was just taken selfies of him.

Toti liked the idea and he got to it. This set has this feeling of being very personal and kinky, the camera at times is so close you can almost feel you are right there with him by the bed watching him take the pictures.

And he showed some great skills at this set, I have no idea how me managed to get the butt shot and the length of his arms must be huge in order to catch his face and the cumshot in the same picture… bravo Toti.

Get to see this second set from Toti in the uncensored blog and hope we can show more of him soon.

#Noerapenal with Jorge

Yeah… the World Cup is over, but we are still complaining about the last penalty that got us out of Brazil. It was not a penalty!

During the World Cup, some of the guys started betting on their favorite teams; Alvaro did it for Spain, Lucas for Argentina, and Jorge our guy from Puebla was supporting Mexico.

When the Netherlands and that infamous penalty forced Mexico to leave the competition, Jorge was pretty mad because he really is a soccer fan and was very disappointed at seeing Mexico loose like that. But, true to his word he did the photo shoot just as the others wearing his team shirt while jerking.

This is Jorge’s first set after the introductory post, and let me tell you, if you were crazy about his first 4 pics on the blog, wait until you see this complete set. Jorge is amazing; it almost feels like he has been doing porn all his life. The pictures are awesome; you have to see his face expressions, pure orgasm! And that body, fur in all the right places; this is the first time he shows his butt and trust me you don’t want to miss it, I think someone might finally do me some competition.

Jorge’s cumshot is the best part of the set he shoots so much cum that he does a huge mess all over his abs and balls with strings of cum dripping all over. You will want to see this set over and over.

He is very happy to be back in the blog and can’t wait to do it again, so if you have any other great ideas for him, just tell us and we’ll try to make it happen. In the meantime get to see Jorge’s first set in the uncensored blog… unless you are from the Netherlands you have been banned from our blog LOL… #Noerapenal

New guy: Edu

Is Edu trying to set up a new record? From metting him online to his first pictures request in less than 3 hours.

We like it when our fans recommend hot guys they see around the web to appear on our blog and make some extra cash while they are at it, and such is the case with Edu. He added us on skype and wanted to know what the blog was about and how it worked.

After telling him how the blog started, and what we asked of new guys in order to include them in our ranks, Edu was all excited about the idea and wanted to give it a try. In the meantime, the member of our blog who put Edu in contact with us was asking us all about him, how old is he? Will he join the blog? Can I be the first to ask him for a full set of pictures? I mean… what’s the rush is he really that good looking?

So after a few minutes Edu told us he had his pictures ready… someone was in the hurry as well to be on the blog. And so we got them, first his face pic… Oh lord! No wonder why our member was so excited, he has the puppy eyes girls melt for, and guys just envy. I predict a lot of squirts from our members when they see his sets… trust me.

Then came the body, lean and twink like. At 20 years old Edu has the type of body where fat is almost in existent and you can see almost every muscle in him… damn it I hate doing diet and getting old.

Time to see the dick and the ass… I mean that’s why we are here for, and so he sent us his naked close ups of dick and butt. Damn it he is perfect!! 18cm of prime cut dick hanging between his legs, and a nice round butt… I’m thinking asking him for a picture set myself… LOL.

Edu has everything, great face, nice body, round butt and an oversized dick. And once I got to talk to him, he seems like a totally cool guy. He is 1.75m tall and weights around 60kg. Edu is just about to start university next month, loves videogames, plays the piano and likes to have fun with his dog, which I already had the chance to see, and he is currently single… what more can you ask? This str8 guys is available in the market girls so… get in line. He is a huge fan of caps and hats, so if you are into that… you’ll win his heart.

As I’m typing this, our member is busting my balls to be the first to ask Edu for his first set of pictures, he is not even on the blog yet and already has offers… young people never seem to surprise me.

So get to meet Edu and see his pics in the uncensored blog, and expect to see more of him in the next days… who am I kidding you’ll see more of him probably next week! He is that lucky and good looking.

Dante’s First Set

Even before we posted his first naked pictures Dante had already been asked to do his first set, but it took an eternity for us to upload them.

We can’t believe how different does he look in this set, the first pictures he sent to us to introduce him to the blog do him no justice, now that we actually got an entire set from him we’re sure a lot of you folks will say… damn he is good looking!

And the story behind this set is funny as hell. Dante wanted to make some decent pictures for his first set, so he asked a girl friend of his if she could take him the pictures he got asked to do.

We can’t imagine the surprise in these girls face`, you want me to do what? LOL. After we got the pictures we had to ask him if something happened during the shoot between him and his girl friend, you know, getting to see him laying there naked and jerking, must make any girl hot, but to our surprise he said nothing happened.

It turns out this is a girl who has had the longest crush on him, but he just do not fancy her, so he specifically asked her to take him the pictures since he knew, nothing will happened between them… ouch!

Anyway, at least she got to enjoy and watch Dante jerking off for her and drop a huge load all over her bed right next to her teddy bear.

You can enjoy these pictures too by watching the uncensored blog. Expect to see more of Dante soon.

New guy: Genaro


So this is quite a story, full of excitement, patience and hard cocks!

We met Genaro a few weeks ago, he got in contact with us wondering about the blog and we talked over skype about how it worked since he wanted to join as well and make some extra cash. After explaining him about the blog, he agreed on becoming part of it but it turns out getting him to get the pictures took longer than expected.

Genaro is from the state of Jalisco, very close to where we live and he said he visited our city from time to time, so one day after a few days without hearing a word from him we got a message from him saying: hey guys, I’m in your home town, what’s your whatsapp maybe we could hang out and do something for the blog.

I couldn’t be more excited, I gave him my number and we agreed to meet at our place, he just had to run a few errands and then he’ll drop by our place. The idea was to meet and take him the pictures for the blog myself… easy stuff. In the meantime I was talking to one of our favorite members here on the blog, a true fan and he asked me what was I up to, told him about me waiting for Genaro and he got all crazy about it and end up asking me: can I see how you do him the pictures?

That was not part of the plan but I asked Genaro about it and he was cool about it and about making some extra money as well. But it turns out his errands took longer than what we imagined he was schedule to get home by 8:30pm, it was 10pm and still no sign of him.

No need to tell our fan because of the time difference got sleep and was no longer online so I thought… well guess it was not meant to be. Around 12am I got a message from him saying: sorry the problems of being with family you are bound to their activities but I’m free if you are and your fan is still interested. Told him we could do the pictures but not the show, since our member was not online anymore, and he agreed. By the time he was on his way I got a message on skype of our fan and he asked: how the shoot went? LOL I told him he was just on his way and that if he was in the mood, we could make it happen, and it turned out he was of course.

Then I remember… wait… this is a guy I still have not even met in person, and I’m taking naked pictures of him and doing a side by side jerk off show… the adrenaline started building up, what if he is a fat guy, bad looking or smelly. Then I heard a knock on the door and I opened it.

There he was, a tall slim guy, very good looking I might add quite open minded as well because he was in the same situation as I am, he had never met me and was already willing to get naked for our cam and do a show… I like adventurous guys.

Genaro turned out to be a natural in front of the camera, no need for directions he just got to his business and got hard in no time. He is 22 years old, 1.84m tall and weights around 64kg. He is quite slim a swimmers body and it turns out he actually swims, and read this, has a 20cm uncut cock hanging between his legs. And you will love this next fact… he is bisexual.

Next day we did another show for our same fan, this time we both jerked off and cum, and he was just in heaven. It turns out Genaro comes and visits out city from time to time… so expect more appearances from him in our blog.

In the meantime enjoy his first naked pictures in our uncensored blog.

Ricardo’s first set


Seems like things are never easy with Ricardo! After waiting for literally ages to get him to be a part of the blog, he finally got in and guess what? … he had no camera to do pictures.

It turns out he lost his digital camera and his mobile was not working, so after some of the members of our blog saw him they were desperate to see more of him, but we had to say to them to wait for him to get a decent camera.

Some of you could not wait at all, and one of our members was so excited to see him actually, that he asked if Ricardo could just take the pictures with his webcam, and so he did.

It’s kind of hard to do a complete set when you can’t move the camera as you wish, but surprisingly enough, Ricardo managed to get some very nice pics. The pixels are not the best so that could be a little bit annoying, but at the end he delivered a great cumshot. The close ups on this set are awesome too; you get to see how thick Ricardo’s dick is so you will love this set after all.

With the money he did for this set he fixed his mobile and he has been doing sets with it and the pictures look amazing, so stay tuned for that.

Ricardo had to take some time off to finish his last high school projects, and it paid off, he has finally graduated and will begin university next semester. You will love to hear where he is moving to study abroad!

Biting nails in 3… 2… 1…

Marco and Dan – 2

Before we moved to this new city, we had the chance to do shows and photo sets with different guys who also did nude stuff themselves.

One of the regulars was Dan, a very polite guy who was very much into soccer and at the time had a gf who had no idea he was doing this to get some extra money.

He contacted me last week and we had a long a nice chat to keep up since we have not spoke in a while. Turns out the gf is no longer a gf… hold on folks do not get excited, is not like he dumped her, more like he engaged her, she is now his fiancée… bummer.

Dan still remembers the old days of the blog and how much fun he had with that. So I thought it would be a good idea to post something of the sets we did with him.

Now that he is getting married maybe he could be in need of money again… I’ll keep you guys posted on that. In the meantime enjoy these pics I did with Dan some time ago.